Kayak Rolling Class

This class focuses on breaking down the kayak roll.  Start with controlling the kayak with your body by using your hips, knees and core, then add sweeping the paddle to achieve a successful roll .  Finally, we put all the pieces together and fine tune things 1-on-1 with the assistance of the instructor.

Rolling is easy to do physically, but it is difficult to learn initially.  Some people will achieve a working roll by the end of this class, but most people won’t learn the roll in their first class.  Rolling requires practice to maintain the skill, so learning to roll is just the beginning.  Plan to attend practice sessions after your class. 

Learning to roll is best attempted by kayakers with experience in wet exits, sculling and bracing, in a well fitted sea kayak or whitewater Kayak.

Kayak Rolling Class

Downriver Family YMCA
1 Session

  • April 28, 2019
    6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Downriver Family YMCA 2 Sessions

  • Watch for future dates

Park Colony

  • Watch for future dates

Kayak Rolling Class

Class Covers:  Righting the kayak with your hips and body.  Sweeping the paddle on the surface of the water for support.

Cost:  $90 Per Person for 3 Hour Class

$120 Per Person for 2 Sessions Class – 2 Hours Each Session

Registration:  All of our classes require pre-registration.  Our classes frequently fill up so register early.  

Prerequisites:  Learning to roll is best attempted by kayakers with some additional kayaking experience beyond the Fun Start (introductory class).  Must be comfortable in own kayak, comfortable with a wet exit wearing a spray-skirt, and have some experience with bracing, hip-snaps, and sculling (all this is covered in the Next Step Class.) 

Minimum Age:  14 years old. 

Number of Students:  Limited to 6 students.

Cancellation Policy:  If for any reason you have to cancel your reservation or change the date of your booking, please call at least 48 hours prior to the tour for a full refund.


Required Equipment:  Sea kayak or whitewater kayak (please contact us to confirm your kayak is appropriate), paddle, life jacket, spray-skirt (neoprene is preferred) and a paddle float  The kayak used for the Kayak Rolling Class should be a sea, touring, or whitewater kayak where the student has good thigh and/or knee contact, with a tight fitting spray-skirt.

We do not provide kayaks for the Kayak Rolling Class.  

Recommended Equipment:  Face mask nose plugs, ear plugs and glasses tether.

Other Items to Bring:  Water clothing (no cotton, rash guards and board shorts are ideal), water shoes, a towel and a change of clothing.  Locker room facilities are available at the indoor pool locations.  On Belle Isle there is a rustic pit toilet near the kayak launch.  On the right-hand side of Lakeside Drive there are modern restrooms and we recommend stopping there before getting to the kayak launch.


Downriver Family YMCA
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Southgate, Michigan 48195

Park Colony Club
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