Kayak Rolling at Park Colony

4 hours

This class focuses on breaking down the kayak roll. We start with controlling the kayak with your body by using your hips, knees and core, then add sweeping the paddle to achieve a successful roll . Then we put all the pieces together and fine tune things 1-on-1 with the assistance of the instructor.

What to bring ?

  • Paddle
  • Neoprene Spray Skirt
  • Nose Plugs
  • Towel, Change of Clothes
  • Life Jacket
  • Well fitted White Water or Sea Kayak
  • Paddle Float
  • Synthetic Water Clothes

Activity location

Other considerations

All Participants in Pool activities must shower before hand at the Pool and then wear synthetic bathing attire and any optional synthetic over-garments for additional warmth. Cotton is prohibited by the Health Dept. in Public Pools. All Kayaks for Pool Classes must be CLEAN inside and out, Please! This is taught at an indoor pool. Please remember to arrive early to allow for the unloading of your kayak and gear.