Fun Start Kayak Class

Our Fun Start Kayak Class is designed to give students the fundamentals of kayaking through a fun and safe environment.  Students will learn basic kayaking skills for recreational and sea kayaks.  Start with proper kayak and gear fit and how to launch your kayak from shore.  The instructors will guide each student through the steps of a wet exit (how to get out of your kayak in case of a capsize.)  Work on the basic kayak strokes:  going forward, stopping, reversing and turning.  Self and assisted rescues will be introduced.  

Practicing how to wet exit safely and get back in a kayak from deep water are two skills all kayakers should have before paddling a sit-inside sea kayak or recreational kayak without a guide beside them.  While this class has been designed for the beginner, anyone who has never received formal instruction will benefit from this class.  

 Fun Start Coleman Young

Fun Start Kayak Class 

3 Hour Class Covers:

Safety Gear  –  Boat Design / Fit  –  Forward Stroke  –  Reverse Stroke  –  Stopping  –  Turning,  Sweep Stroke  –  Wet-Exit – Self Rescue  –  Assisted Rescue/T-Rescue

Cost:  $80 Per Person 

Registration:  All of our classes require pre-registration.  Our classes frequently fill up so register early.

Minimum Age:  14 years old.  We can schedule classes for 7 – 14 year olds.  Please contact us for additional information.

Number of Students:  Limited to 6 students.  

Prerequisites:  None

Items to Bring:  Water clothing (no cotton, rash guards and board shorts are ideal), water shoes, a towel and a change of clothing.  Optional items to bring are glasses tether, nose clips, and swim cap. 

Locker room facilities are available at the pool locations.  

On Belle Isle there is a rustic pit toilet near the kayak launch.  On the right-hand side of Lakeside Drive there are modern restrooms and we recommend stopping there before getting to the kayak launch.

Includes:  Kayak, Paddle, and Life Jacket   At the time of registration we will ask for your approximate height and weight so that we may bring the proper gear for you.

If you have a kayak and it is clean, call us about taking the class with your own equipment.

Cancellation Policy:  If for any reason you have to cancel your reservation or change the date of your booking, please call at least 48 hours prior to the tour for a full refund.


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