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Fun Start Kayak Class - Belle Isle

3 hours

Our Fun Start Kayak Class is designed to give people the fundamentals of kayaking through a fun and safe environment. Students will learn basic kayaking skills for sea kayaks. Start with proper kayak and gear fit and how to launch your kayak from shore. The instructors will guide each student through the steps of a wet exit (how to get out of your kayak in case of a capsize.) Work on the basic kayak strokes: going forward, stopping, reversing and turning. Self and assisted rescues will be introduced.

What's included ?

  • Kayak
  • Paddle
  • Life Jacket

What to bring ?

  • Nose clips
  • Glasses tether
  • Water Clothing
  • Water Shoes

Activity location

Other considerations

We will meet in the parking lot across from the Belle Isle Kayak Beach. A State of Michigan Recreation Passport is required to enter Belle Isle.