Available Services

Available Services
(All services are available by appointment)




Roof Rack Installation – Starting at $50

Roof rack installation takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the rack.

Installation fee is waived with a $300 in store purchase and scheduled appointment for roof rack installation.

RKC is proud to be Southeast Michigan’s Premier Full Service Thule Dealer.




Dry Suit Gasket Replacement – Includes Gasket and Labor

Ankle (Single) $53

Wrist (Single) $44

Neck $82

Gasket Replacement Requires 1 Week Turn Around

(Single Gasket – Ankle $27, Wrist $19, and Neck $42)




KeelEazy Installation – $50

KeelEazy by the Foot $4

All colors available except for green.




Rudder Installation Rudder Ready Kayak – $50

Rudder Installation Non-Rudder Ready Kayak – $125

Rudder installation fee is waived with a full price kayak purchase.




Valley Skeg Cable Replacement – $50

Includes Skeg Cable and Labor




Compass Installation – $35


We can also do fiberglass and plastic kayak repairs.  

Quote can be given after assessment of the kayak.