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THIS IS THE SEA A film by Justine Curgenven Cackle TV Productions brings you the first ever action sea kayaking film. Witness sea kayaking at its most exciting from locations around the world. Cackle TV Productions brings you sea kayaking at it's best. With thrilling footage taken in crashing surf and roaring tidal races. Enjoy personal insights from the world's top sea paddlers and come on tour to fantstic locations. INCLUDING: * California * Georgia * Florida * The San Juan Islands * Greenland * Wales * Russia 90 Minutes


Hold your breath as Kathy Bolyn, Joe Holt and Tom Decuir take you step-by-step through every nuance of the roll, and guarantee that you won't fall asleep in the process! This action-packed video will not sit on your shelf. It's something you can use as you progress through every skill level.

Bonus DVD Features

  • Director's Update
  • C to C
  • Sweep Roll
  • Bloopers


A film by Justine Curgenven
Take a head-long dive into over 90 minutes of inspiring, edge-of-your seat sea kayaking action from award winning filmmaker Justine Curgenven and Cackle TV.
Immerse yourself in stunning photograply featuring some of the world's best paddlers.
  • 6 month circumnavigation of Japan by Hadas Feldman and Jeff Allen
  • Black belt seakayaking on "The Bitches" tidal race in South Wales
  • Stunning scenery on the remote Lofoten Islands in Norway
  • Bryan Smith surviving multiple thrashings at "Skooks" tidal rapid
  • Paddling with icebergs and whales in Newfoundland
  • International racing kayaker Sean Morley
  • Fantastic underwater footage with Greenland-style paddler Doug VanDoren
  • Exploring the Manitou Islands on Lake Michigan
  • Kayaks getting vertical in North Wales tidal races
SPECIAL BONUS MATERIAL: Full 30 minute documentary of the first all-female circumnavigation of Tasmania by Justine Curgenven, Trys Morris and Gemma Rawlings.
90 Minutes


This is the Sea 3 is the third in a series of award winning adventure sea kayaking films by renowned explorer and documentary maker, Justine Curgenven. This is the Sea 3 includes over 2 hours of sea kayaking expeditions, action and wildlife from Antarctica, the Faroe Islands, New Zealand, Wales & Scotland.
SPECIAL FEATURE: The 40-minute film Epics in Ice: a dramatic tale of three Australians who paddle 500 miles down the Antarctic Peninsula in incredibly challenging conditions. They battle through horrific winds, get trapped by moving ice, and are plagued by injuries. Epics in Ice is a documentary that is equally terrifying and hilarious as the team cope with their many hazards with good humor.
JUSTINE CURGENVEN is a British adventurer who has quickly earned worldwide recognition as a leading sea kayak explorer and film maker. When not traveling the world to shoot segments for her This is the Sea series, Justine is a TV producer and camerawoman, who's work has been featured repeatedly on such channels as National Geographic and the BBC.
120 Minutes


SEA KAYAKING DVD Written by Ken Whiting and Alex Matthews Shot and edited by Chris Emerick The Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking is a four-part video by World Champion Kayaker, Ken Whiting, and expert sea kayaker, Alex Matthews, which provides both new and experienced paddlers with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and comfortably enjoy sea kayaking. PART ONE introduces new paddlers to the sport, to the equipement that gets used and to important issues to understand before you hit the water. PART TWO focuses on the Essential strokes and techniques. PART THREE looks exclusively at rescue techniques. PART FOUR deals with more advanced paddling techniques, such as preparing for multi-day trips, and dealing with such things as surf, current and weather.


RECREATIONAL KAYAKING DVD Written, Produced and Hosted By Ken Whiting Shot and Edited by Chris Emerick Recreational Kayaking provides new and developing paddlers with the skills and knowledge necessary to comfortably and safely enjoy kayaking. Whether your interest in kayaking stems from the desire to get outside and spend time with your friends and family or to explore the endless waterways that surround you, this DVD is a must-have for every kayaker.

Produced by Jamie McDonough
Shot and Edited by Ammen Jordan
Whether you are new to the sport, a weekend paddler or a professional, Kayak Fitness will improve your fitness, make you stronger and keep you motivated. 
The Kayak Fitness on-land work out program is designed to develop the ultimate kayaking body by targeting the main muscle groups used for paddling: back, chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, forearms, and abs. To provide total body muscle balance, elevate the heart rate and provide an added challenge, each upper body segment incorporates lower body work as well.
Using the latest in DVD technology, Kayak Fitness allows you to create your own workouts and sequences to fit your personal needs and time.



An entertaining look at the basics of kayak touring. Hot paddling technique, rescues and basic seamanship skills are demonstrated and explained. Features the Channel Islands, Apostle Islands, big surf, inland lakes and many of the top instructors in the field!




The Kayak Roll demonstrates and explains a smooth and effortless roll.

Crystal clear underwater footage, animation, and explanations make this a video you don't want to miss!

Designed for every skill level, beginner to teacher. This two part video presents a step by step learning progression enabling you to learn an effortless roll from scratch. The diagnostic section offers solutions to help you tune-up or teach that labored roll.

Every paddler will enjoy it, whether they are beginner struggling to learn, an intermediate seeking to improve, or an advanced boater learning to teach a buddy. For whitewater and sea kayakers.



This instructional video is targeted at sea kayakers, whitewater kayakers, and surfers: No matter what their paddling background, we will show how to play the ocean swells in a kayak.

Learn about the specialized boat designs... advantages and limitations. Learn about the dynamic ocean environment... including wave evaluation and selection, and rudder techniques. Maneuvers in the green, and in the whitewater are explained and demonstrated. Includes exclusive interview with famed big wave surfer Richard Schmidt on surf zone etiquette.









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