PAKS Classes


(2018 Classes will be updated soon)
At PAKS we do not require preregistration for classes.  We will have Beach Station Locations on the schedule for where each class will meet and you can just show up at the station for the class you would like to take.  We are happy to assist you with selecting what classes work best for you.  

Coach’s Eye On What To Work On During Symposium
Intro to Symposium, Wet Exits, Playing In Your Kayak
Intro to Rolling:  Hip-Snap, Bracing, Beginning Rolling
Moving Your Boat Forward
Personal Path to Symposium
Turning Your Boat
Women’s Class – Part 1
Basic Kayak Skills – Part 1

Camping Out of Your Kayak
Kayak Navigation
Outfitting Your Boat
On The Move
Support Strokes
Towing Basics
Women’s Class – Part 2
Basic Kayak Skills – Part 2
How To Dress For Paddling
Choose What You Want To Work On
Towing Applied
Complex Rescues/Scenario

–  Beginning-Intermediate Class Descriptions 2017
–  Intermediate-Advanced Class Descriptions 2017

–  Rolling Progression Class Descriptions 2017
–  Greenland Stick Paddling and Rolling Class Descriptions 2017