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Kayak Bulkheads - Riverside Kayak Connection

Rescues and More Rescues - Coleman Young

3 hours

This class will covers more self rescue and group rescue techniques. Going beyond the Scramble Self Rescue and the Group Assisted T-Rescue the class may include: Reentry and Roll, Toggle rescue, Cold Water Rescues, Haul Up, Leg Up, Eskimo Bow Rescue, Eskimo Paddle Rescue. Required Eqipment: Sea kayak or double bulkheaded kayak (please contact us if you want to know if your kayak is appropriate), paddle, life jacket, spray skirt, pump and paddle float.

What's included ?

  • 3 hour class

What to bring ?

  • Sea kayak or double bulkheaded kayak (please conta
  • paddle
  • life jacket
  • spray skirt
  • pump and paddle float
  • Recommended Equipment: Nose clips and a glasses te
  • Other Items to Bring: Water clothing, water shoes

Activity location

Other considerations

All participants must shower at the pool before the class. Wear synthetic bathing attire and any optional synthetic over-garments for additional warmth. Cotton is prohibited in public pools. All Kayaks for Pool Classes must be CLEAN inside and out.