Private Lessons

Riverside Kayak Connection offers Private Lessons with our American Canoe Association Certified Coastal Sea Kayaking Instructors.


Private Lessons

Lessons Can Cover: 

  • Beginning Strokes and Safety
  • Intermediate Strokes, Side Draws, Edging, Bracing, Self and Assisted Rescues 
  • Combining Linked Strokes and Sea Kayak Maneuvers in Wind and Waves
  • Traditional Greenland Paddling Skills
  • Forward Stroke Improvement
  • Rescues and Advanced Rescues
  • Rolling 
  • Open Water Rolling
  • Tell us what you want to learn

Cost for 3 Hour Lesson:

  • $80/Student, for 3 – 10 Students
  • $100/Student, for 2 Students
  • $150 for a Solo Student  

Additional Information:

  • If you need to rent a kayak and gear for the lesson there may be an additional charge.
  • Winter pool classes will need to include additional pool fees.
  • Some topics may be taught in shorter or longer formats.  Fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Once you set up your Private Lesson the instructor will send you more information about location, what to bring and any other information.

Please contact Riverside Kayak Connection at (734)285-2925 or  to  find  an instructor and to design your lesson.