Navigation Class

Navigation Class “The Actuality of Navigation: The Art of Staying Found”

You live your daily life, breathing and doing, but not really seeing.
You long for something different for some sort of adventure.
What’s it like on that island out there?  Can I paddle there?
What about that lake, back in the woods where very few people ever go?

Navigation on water, orienteering on land, are skills that enable us to go to places we’ve never been and arrive safe and on time.
Reading maps, using compasses, understanding the relationships between time, speed and distance these are all skills that when honed and combined can enable us to explore our world and change our lives.
This is a practical class with hands on experience offering an overview of the basic principles of navigation. It is suitable for anyone who likes to hike or paddle in new places or who wants to operate in these places in limited visibility.

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